Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 1

Did You Know? 3.0
The Did You Know? 3.0 video was very interesting to me in several ways. The first thing that really caught my attention was the ever ascending population of the world. In the beginning of the video, when it stated that China has 1,300 times the population of the U.S., my attention was grabbed. It fascinated me that in a five minute span that 395 babies were born in India.
Another point that caught my eye, was that in the U.S. it has been found that most people have had 10-14 jobs by the age of 38 and that 25% of all workers will keep their current job for less than a year. My mind really got turning when I realized that most the information I learned my freshmen year in college, is now outdated.
The most interesting part of this video to me was the different ways in which technology has advanced in the past twenty years. The internet reached 50 million users 19 times faster than the radio, and 6.5 times faster than the TV. The internet is responsible for one eighth of all marriages today.
This video was very, very interesting to me and I can not wait to see how the world advances in the next few years.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
Matthew Needleman's use of still pictures to portray the image of the story of Mr. Winkle Wakes was perfect.
Through a mix of live photographs and animation, Needleman truly captured the meaning of this story.
Mr. Winkle Wakes confusion after his 100 year slumber truly shows us the ways in which the world has
advanced through technology and education. The reassuring part of this story is that no matter how much technology
and society change, the importance of education remains to be a vital part of the culture of the United States. That importance of education is the reason that these technological advances have been possible.

The Importance of Creativity

Your Students' Digital Smarts
I felt as though she truly wanted her students to learn how to successfully use the technology that has had such an
impact on our country as well as all countries throughout the world. She not only wanted them to know how to use this technology,
but she was very aware of the importance of the use of all forms of technology.
This video really made me want to be in Ms. Vicki Davis's class! While she was teaching the children about the uses and importance
of technology, she made it fun and enjoyable for her students. The Avatar project that the children were using in the video


  1. Kelly,

    Based on what you saw in Mr. Winkle Wakes, how would you incorporate technology into your classroom when you become a teacher?

    Also, I did not see a write up on the Importance of Creativity. Try and get that in ASAP. Thanks.

  2. Based on Mr. Winkle Wakes, I would use computers into my classroom. Since I will be teaching elementary education, I would use the computers to teach them games to help them identify numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc.

  3. Kelly,how is using a computer to play games different than using worksheets, flashcards, etc.? (I hope the link works.) This video shows very young students using technology in creative ways.

  4. Re: Mr. Winkle
    I have found that going into most classrooms teachers do not use computers other than to keep attendance and do power point/ smart board lectures. Some teachers are reluctant to do try even the basics stating things like "I don't have the time or the children don't need it." As a future educator it is my responsibility to use all available resources and to teach and learn all I can. Unfortunately, the technological changes are coming from a global market and not so much the United States; If what you learned today is outdated in two years then you could be at the cutting edge of technology now and the children you see and teach could compete with the rest of the planet. I think the point of Mr. Winkle is that the children in that classroom are experiencing the same kind of education as Mr. Winkle received 100 years before...outdated and limited. The business, medical, transportation, and almost every other part of our life has changed and we need to train the future leaders of society in the same way-cutting edge and resourceful.

    Tr: You Tube Video
    Interestingly the video speaks about a class in Alabama that has collaborated with the school on projects. The sign on the door showing "future college graduates 2025" means the children are approximately eight years old and very proficient in finding information- the key to learning. One of the most amazing things about technology to me is that I can find, access, share, confirm, and learn more facts in an hour than I could in 20 hours at a library. I was not a big fan of Wikis and stated last year that I would need to look into them further because I didn't understand the function behind them to well; thank you for enlightening me as to the potential. Wiki's seem to be a great way to collaborate with your personnel network and find solutions to things you might be struggling with such as a creative lesson plan.

  5. The video "Did You Know" was definitely interesting. Anyone would agree, but what are your views on what was stated? I would have liked to read your comments on "The Importance of Creativity" but there was no text under the title. Also, the text in the lower topics is cut off on the far right side which made it hard to read.

  6. In your comment you write: "to teach them games to help them identify numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc." Check out these two video clips: They Are First Grades! Are You Ready? First graders can use computers for more than games and learning colors and shapes!

  7. That video was awesome! It's amazing to me how well children that age can navigate their way through the internet. I think its great that schools are using technology in such a beneficial way!