Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3

The first Podcast I listened to was the Smartboard Lessons. They had a great idea on this one about how to use movies in math. This idea could be very helpful to students and teachers. Not only will it make lessons easier for teachers to teach, but it will also make it more fun and interesting for students.

In the Kid Cast podcast they evaluated the pros and cons of video and audio podcasts. While video podcasts are more ideal for visual learners, audio podcasts are perfect for people who want to listen while driving. I believe that it is a personal choice for the watcher/listener and that they both have positive and negative aspects.

In Connect Learning they talked aboiut the different ways that podcasting can be helpful in the classroom. If a child misses school one day, the teacher can communicate with the parents via podcast and let them know the assignments that need to be made up. Also, teachers can put homework and project assignments in podcasts to help parents to stay imformed about their children.

Macbreak was the most informative and professional of all the podcasts I watched. The different AT&T technologies were all very interesting. My favorite episode was about the iPad. I liked that this particular podcast used music also.

I did NOT enjoy the This Week in Photography podcast! I am very visual learner with a severe case of ADD haha and for me to keep my focus in an audio podcast is very difficult. I cound it to be very boring and poorly recorded. The audio was not all the same volume which made it very frustrating to listen to.

Overall I do not think that podcasting is for me. Yes, there are some very good aspects of podcasting and they can be very useful but, I don't think that I would voluntarily watch and/or listsen to them.


  1. Kelly,

    You did a good job of picking out good and bad with podcasts. Not only did this assignment help you learn about podcasts in general but it also helps you decide how you want your podcast to work.

  2. I could not agree with you more about most of the podcasts being boring. While some of them might be useful, but without a visual aid it is hard to stay interested.

  3. You made a really good point when you mentioned how the podcast will reach students with different styles of learning. I didn't watch the podcast about using podcast to communicate with the students who miss school. It is amazing the possibilities that technology allows.