Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Week 10 (3/21)

Dr. Fisch had no new posts this week :(

Week 11 (3/28)

No new posts again :( :(

Week 12 (4/3)

Finally a new post! :) This week Dr. Karl Fisch made a post about a website that he is in the process of creating ( a digital learning ecology). He is doing this to assist teachers and students when trying to create something digital. For example, when a teacher assigns students to create a time line of the events of the Civil War, that teacher can look at Dr. Fisch's site and find that you can create time lines on Time Toast. It seems like a wonderful idea and I think that all teachers could benefit from this website. Check it out yourself at:

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  1. I will be using Time Toast in my classroom too. I think the students will get into it. Keep up the good work.