Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week 12

This PS22 was great! Those children are truly inspiring and I am so glad that they are getting the chance to perform with Fleetwood Mac! By posting our work on our blogs we can open up someone else's eyes to a new form of technology. An example is that I saw the graphs Dr. Strange added to our class blog on ScribD and I tried it out myself! Another good reason to upload your work is that you will have soemthing that you can look back at when you are trying to figure out what to do for certain projects. If you were having your class create tiemlines of their life, then you could look back at your blog to refresh your memory on Timetoast Timeline. Another good reason to upload your materials is for sheer entertainment. People may really enjoy watching your presentations or reading about thoughts on certain issues.

This week I read Martha's post. She had us play a guessing game which described a baby!


  1. I loved the PS22 video. Those children had their hearts and souls singing that song. It really touched me to see so much emotion in their faces! Even Stevie Nicks was touched by their song! Great post!

  2. It was a great video and I know it took a lot of coordinating to get all of the students to participate proplerly. I enjoyed it. Good luck in the future and thanks for sharing.