Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Of the twenty people who responded to my survey, the ages ranged from 19-23, except for one 41 year who responded. The 41 year old was the only respondent that had children. 5 people admitted to drinking regularly, while only 1 person admitted to smoking. There were only 3 people out of the 20 respondents that said that they exercise daily and four people said that they do not work out at all! When asked if they had ever attended a South Alabama sporting event, 15 out of 20 people had attended at least one sporting event. 3 people said that they do play sports. That means that 13 out of 20 people do not play any sports! 6 people who took this survey confessed that they have not done all of their assignments thus far for this course. When asked if they enjoyed EDM310, only 7 people replied no. However, when asked what word described their feelings about this class, only 3 of the words chosen were considered to be positive.

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