Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week 8

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
Before watching this video, I was honestly not happy at all about this hour and a half long assignment. However, afterwards my feelings were completely different! Randy Pausch is so funny and such a great speaker. I have so much respect for him being able to keep such a strong, attitude in the midst of what is going on in his life.
I loved listening to him describe the different ways in which he had accomplished several of his childhood dreams. There were several boundaries he had to get through to accomplish some of these goals, but he never let them get in his way.
After talking about his childhood dreams, he talked about how he had helped others achieve theirs dreams. After completing his dreams, he dedicated his like to helping his students to achieve every dream that he could. This was truly inspiring!
I believe that everyone should watch this video. Randy Pausch is inspiration to me and I will keep this video on my mind daily trying to remember the importance of living your life and completing your dreams.

This week I commented on a 12 year boy named Chris's blog. He said that he enjoyed being outside and playing basketball. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters and that he loves his life!

For my personal learning network I have still been following Dr. Strange via Twitter, though I have not found very much information. I have also been following Matthew Needleman's blog at His blog is always updated with interesting new posts that are very helpful to aspiring educators. Go to his blog or look on my Comments4Teachers post to read about some of his posts.

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  1. Attitude is everything, and I think Mr. Pausch is a great example of that. We must always be willing to be positive and uplifting, even in the midst of personal crisis. Our students will look to us to be the calm, in-charge leader. I also think it is important to inspire our students to reach for their dreams as well.