Sunday, February 28, 2010


Week 1

The first post i read was about color coding based on the performance level of the individual. For example, using green for good and red for bad. This seems like a great idea to me because color identification is fast and easy. Using this tactic, students will simply have to quickly glance at the table to know whether or not they are doing well in class.

Week 2
This week Mr. Needleman made a post about his presentation at CUE about using Apple Software for Response to Intervention programs. This post was very interesting to me because I just got done studying RTIs. I like his way of defining Response to Intervention:

"As I define it, rather than simply teaching everyone the same thing and assuming that if someone doesn’t “get it” that there’s something wrong with them, RTI assumes that there will be students who do not master a concept after whole group instruction and will need additional time and intensity (interventions) to master concepts."

He posted several graphs and links to pages that showed evidence o f how well Apple Software helped him in the classroom.

Here is a link to Matthew Needleman's blog:

Week 3

This week I read Dr. Fisch's post about a math assignment for his daughter Abby. In this assignment she needed to gather data. He created a google docs form and posted it on his blog and on Twitter. In a matter of hours he had over 200 responses from 18 different countries! This was fascinating to me! His daughter truly got a wide range of answers and I'm sure she had some wonderful data for her project!

Dr. Fisch's daughter Abby playing the guitar for her grandmother via Skype.

Here is a link to Dr. Fisch's blog :

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