Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 5

Wikipedia and WIRED
I do not feel like Wikipedia is a reliable source! I have been told for years from professors NOT to use Wikipedia as a source of information because its information cannot always be trusted. However, I do feel that the new source for tracking Wikipedia editors makes this source much more reliable. By being able to track the changes made to this website, viewers can look into how the information has changed. To really decide how I feel about the reliability of Wikipedia, I need to research it further.

"What I've Learned This Year" By: Mr. MClung
This is a wonderful post! The different points that were brought up are all very valid and make perfect sense. Through my coaching job I have learned that all of these points are very, very important. The most important points to me are communication and knowing how to read your crowd. If you cannot communicate well with your students, you will not be able to effectively teach them to their fullest potential. By knowing how to read your students, you will be able to make lesson plans that suit your class best.


  1. Kelly, I completely one hundred percent agree with you about Wikipedia not being a reliable source. I have never been allowed in high school or college to use it as a source. I am not sure about the tracker method either, and I also need to read about it to make a final decision.

    Mr. McClung's post was very insightful and heartfelt! I think he offers us some very valuable information.

  2. I agree being able to track down who is creating the false information is a good thing for wikipedia to do.

  3. I don't think that wikipedia should be used as a source in research papers, but I believe that it is a great tool for forming your opinions on topics and also for quick acess to information.