Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 6

Dr. Alice Christie
I feel that I could get alot of use from the web design page on Dr. Alice Christie's website. In school (thus far) I have had no real introduction for how to create useful websites to aid my teaching. This page has a list of well designed sites that can be used as an example when creating your own site. I would use these listed sites and take note of the things they have in common. I would also look into different things that I like about each site and then possible use these different things to create a useful site of my own.

This site also has some examples of POORLY designed sites. I could use these sites to compare from the well designed. I would look at the differences and begin to notice what to do and what NOT to do when creating a website.

I feel that iTunesU is a GREAT idea! There have been many times that I could have used the resource for class or even just for personal interest in a subject. I have not been able to find a great deal of information so I am still trying to grasp the concept. However, if I have a correct understanding of this tool then it should be a fantastic source for everyone!

The video I watched to get an explanation was on this link ( It was relatively helpful however, I still had many questions after watching it.From my own experience, I have often not been able to access online school lessons because of lack of internet access. This new tool could solve that problem. When you purchase a track from iTunesU, it stays on your iTunes and can be synced to your ipod, making it accessible to you at any location. I will absolutely look into iTunesU for my teaching as well as for my own education.

Duke on iTunes
I learned alot about iTunesU and how to access tracks. All aspects from the Duke are found on iTunes from athletics to featured speakers. I feel as though this would be a GREAT educational tool for those individuals who can not afford to attend college. Though they would not be receiving a degree, they would still be expanding their academic growth.


  1. Kelly,

    You make a good point about how iTunes can be used personally and professionally. I think that we need to focus on using the technologies that people already use in their daily lives in educating them as well. Not only are they already comfortable with the technology but they are usually adept at using it as well. That is something that we are tapping into with technology that we learn in this class.

  2. Kelly,
    I totally agree about the web design. I have no idea how to do all that, and I haven't ever attempted to make one. I think that it would be very useful to know how to make a website, because you could create one for your class. Especially for high schools. I know I wish I could have had a site for every class online!

  3. Kelly,
    Great job on your post. I too like the iTunes university. Although I have already graduated, I can use it to further my education without the expense. I am really interested in the foreign language iTunes. Especially since I would like to travel one day. We as teachers are lucky to have access to such wonderful tools at our fingertips!

  4. Hi Kelly
    Thank you for writing back. What do you like to do in your spear time? I like to go shopping and play sport such as soccer and net ball. How much people are there at your school and how old are you. I am 10 years old. Once again thank you for sending me a comment i was very excited. Annalize,Hamilton,Waikato,New Zealand,Melville Intermediate.